Outline of Topics/Projects in the Blockchain-Based Attention Economy

This document is a text supplement to my podcast video overview (Soundcloud link). I hope this can be a community resource for anyone working on the Attention Economy — if you’d like to contribute, please comment on the google doc here.


- Rhys

Topics to Explore

  1. World After Capital

Projects to Explore on Later Podcasts

  1. 21.co


  1. Decentralized News Network

Future of Work:

  1. Crowdraising


Other Resources:


By Epicenter:

By State Change (ConsenSys)

Steemit’s Curation Markets



Simon de la Rouviere’s Curation Markets




Decentralized News Network


System-Level Views:

Other Reading on the Transition from Scarce Capital to Scarce Attention

More Reading From Simon’s Google Doc:

  • Nick Szabo’s Shelling Out paints a great picture on the value of collectibles in reducing social transaction costs. http://nakamotoinstitute.org/shelling-out/

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