Personal Wednesdays: Brainstorming Topics

Rhys Lindmark
2 min readApr 10, 2019


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Hey everyone! Today is my 1st “theme day” for “Personal Wednesdays”. The macro goal here is to set aside some of my writing time to explore “traditionally non-work” ideas (which I’m underindexed on, imo). Another (kind of weird) goal is to create a body of work to show possible future (romantic) partners. (i.e. If you want to know how I think about relationships, check out Personal Wednesdays.) From a “writing style” perspective, I expect this theme to embody more of a casual + experimental writing style.

As a start, I just want to “fill out” my backlog with some of the topics I might be interested in writing about:

  • Meta: how much to push the vulnerability / authenticity piece?
  • Related: How much can I / should I say about my personal life? e.g. It’s likely that I’ll stay away from exposing vulnerabilities that other folks have shared with me, but what about my own? Should I talk about my sex life? What about my childhood?
  • Things that I’m ashamed of. (And a macro desire to have folks “exposing” themselves first rather than vice versa.)
  • Trying to understand my needs. (How to Work With Me doc, but for relationships.)
  • Different feeling wheels.
  • NVC and victim blaming.
  • Attachment Styles vs. a Non-attachment mindset
  • She Comes First and other great books on sex
  • (Generally examining other books in this area. e.g. Goodreads 1, 2 and this monster.)
  • Therapy as a process to understand the most important pieces of your childhood.
  • Pride, shame, fear, and other emotions in my childhood.
  • Exploring my mom’s early-onset Alzheimers (and my reaction).
  • Kegan’s stages manifest in my life. (Grey pilling through understanding frameworks then seeing them as an object.)
  • All things meditation. How to make a consistent practice. Recommended apps. Macro goal and process. My current progress.
  • Physical health.
  • Relationships, commitment, and freedom.
  • Different dating sites (OKCupid, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Weed and my ASI experience.
  • Big 5, rationality, and optimization in relationships.
  • Hobbies: Music, Calvin and Hobbes, games (Starcraft, MtG, board games)
  • What is love?
  • Human Systems

See you next Wednesday!



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